What is Algomojo?


Algomojo stands at the forefront of innovation in India as a leading web-based Algo Strategy Execution Platform. Designed to meet the diverse needs of traders, it offers an extensive range of execution methodologies. This cutting-edge platform enables traders to effortlessly convert their trading signals into automated orders, equipped with a comprehensive suite of order control features.

Functioning as an all-encompassing web-based Algo strategy trading execution platform, Algomojo simplifies the process of automatically sending orders to the exchange via integrated brokers. Its core mission is to refine the algo trading experience, making it more efficient and user-friendly for traders.

With Algomojo, traders can automate order execution using popular tools such as Trading View, Amibroker, Metatrader, Chartink, GoogleSheet, NinjaTrader, Chrome Extension, Excel, Python, Node.js, C#, and others. Recognizing the varied execution needs of traders, the platform's Execution module is adept at transforming trading signals into automated orders, endowed with an array of order control options.

Algomojo is adept at addressing the entire range of an Algo trader's necessities. It provides API connectivity to multiple brokers, execution modules, and sample codes that are compatible with a variety of trading platforms. In addition, the platform offers services like Complimentary strategy libraries, Code development, and Strong Community Support. This comprehensive suite of features ensures that Algomojo is the go-to destination for traders looking to streamline their algo trading journey.

Security Measures

Algomojo provides enterprise-level security for the users and provides a resilient, secure, extensible, and scalable environment for the users.

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