If you intend to trade multiple symbols using a single created strategy, it's necessary to add all the symbols to the watchlist. The chart symbol represents a unique code for the script you want to trade. Ensure that the specified Custom Data is included in the Tradingview Message box. In the "{{ticker}}," include the chart symbol. Separate alerts need to be created for each symbol you wish to trade on Tradingview.

  "date": "{{timenow}}",
  "symbol": "{{ticker}}",
  "action": "{{strategy.order.action}}"


Follow these Tutorial video to Clone your strategy.

Video Tutorial:

In the above image, you can access your watchlist.

"The watchlist is available for futures and equity assets only."

This feature enables you to view and monitor the performance of strategies added to your watchlist, keeping you informed about their progress and potential adjustments."

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