Within the context of group holdings, the "Group Holdings" tab is a comprehensive resource that provides a consolidated view of the current asset holdings associated with a specific group of strategies. This feature offers essential information for effectively monitoring and managing the collective investments within the group.

Group Holdings:

  • Strategy Name: The name of the Strategy to which the holdings belong, facilitating clarity and organization.

Individual Holdings within the Group:

  • Instrument: "Instrument" within the group indicates the trading instrument or asset that the group currently holds. It allows for the identification of the specific assets held collectively by the group.

  • Quantity: "Quantity" represents the total number of units or contracts of the asset held collectively by the group. It provides an overview of the group's combined position size.

  • Average Cost: "Average Cost" specifies the average price at which the group acquired the asset. It helps assess the group's investment cost basis.

  • LTP (Last Traded Price): "Last Traded Price" within the group is the most recent price at which the asset was traded in the market, offering real-time pricing information for the group's holdings.

  • Investment Value: "Investment Value" calculates the total value of the group's holdings based on the quantity and the average cost of the asset.

  • Holding Value: "Holding Value" indicates the current market value of the group's holdings, determined by multiplying the total quantity by the LTP for each asset.

  • Profit & Loss (P&L): The "Profit & Loss" column displays the profit or loss associated with the group's holdings. It shows the difference between the current market value and the average cost of the assets held collectively by the group.

By utilizing the "Group Holdings" tab, traders can efficiently monitor and manage the combined positions associated with a specific group of strategies. This consolidated view enhances the ability to make informed decisions and optimize the group's portfolio by providing insights into both the overall group activities and the specific contributions of individual strategies within the group.

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