My Group Signals

"My Group Signals" is a comprehensive section that encompasses various tabs to track and manage your trading activities. When you buy or sell assets, they are organized into the following tabs:
  • Signals: This tab displays the trading signals generated by your strategy, providing insights into market conditions and recommended actions.
  • Orders: In this tab, you can view and manage your open orders, including buy and sell orders for different assets.
  • Positions: The "Positions" tab shows your current positions, including the assets you own and the quantity held for each asset.
  • Holdings: This tab details your asset holdings, including information about the assets in your portfolio and their current status.
  • Summary: The "Summary" tab provides an overview of your trading activities, summarizing your performance, gains, losses, and other key metrics.
  • Realized P&L: This tab displays your realized profit and loss (P&L) from closed positions, helping you assess your trading success.