The Algomojo Arrow API documentation provides information on how to interact with the AlgoMojo platform programmatically using the REST API. It allows you to automate trading and retrieve data such as market information, order details, and account information. The API uses RESTful web services and responses are provided in JSON format. The API requires authentication using an API key which can be obtained from the AlgoMojo platform. It provides multiple endpoints for various operations such as placing an order, canceling an order, getting a list of orders, funds, quotes etc., It's important to read the API documentation carefully and follow the guidelines and best practices provided to ensure smooth integration with the AlgoMojo platform.

API Endpoint


Version The current major stable version of the API is 1.0. All requests go to it by default. It is recommended that a specific version be requested explicity for production applications as major releases may break older implementations.

Each rest call will have 3 compulsory request parameters 1. api_key 2. api_secret 3. data api_key is a key allocated to the User. Input will be in string format. api_secret is a id received as response from Login 2FA.Input will be in string format. data is a JSON object which is referred as Input in rest description table. If there is no input mentioned in the table you need to send it as a blank object or a blank string. Input will be in string format. NOTE:- All APIs are considered as POST method. All the input as well as output data type will be in string format unless its mentioned in rest explanation section.

     "status": "success",
     "data": {}
     "status": "error",
     "error_msg": "Error Message",
     "error_type": "E"


Each successful response rest will have parameters 1. status 2. data


Each error response rest will have 3 parameters 1. status 2. error_msg 3. error_type

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