Automated Trading Signals in Algomojo via chartink

Follow these Tutorial video to Set Up Trading signals:

Video Tutorial

How to Set Up Trading signals on Algomojo

  1. Activate Trade Mode: Begin by selecting either Live Trade or Paper Trade mode based on your preference and requirements.

  2. Add Symbol to Watchlist: Navigate to the Watchlist and add the symbol you wish to trade. Ensure that the symbol name matches the symbols listed on Chartink.

  3. View and Copy Strategy Webhook URL: Access the desired strategy and copy the corresponding webhook URL.

  4. Configure Alerts on Chartink:

    • Go to Chartink and select a scanner or create a new one.

    • Click on the "Create Alert" button.

    • Paste the copied Strategy Webhook URL.

    • Ensure that the Alert Name matches the intended action (BUY, SELL, SHORT, or COVER).

    • Create separate alerts for each action for better organization.

    • Opt for a 1-minute timeframe for optimal results.

    • Keep options unique to avoid conflicts.

    • Save the alert after configuring all details.

  5. Monitor Signals: Once the alerts are created, signals will begin generating automatically.

  6. Check Signals on Algomojo Platform: Monitor and review the generated signals by accessing "My Signals" on the Algomojo platform.

Following these steps will help you efficiently set up trading alerts on the Algomojo platform for enhanced trading capabilities.

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