Button Trading Module

How to setup Algomojo modules in the Metatrader 4 Platform?

Follow these Tutorial video to setup Algomojo modules in the Metatrader 4 Platform

Video Tutorial

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Installing Algomojo MetaTrader Bridge

  1. Download MT4 Algomojo Button Trading File: From the MetaTrader Bridge Installation option, download the MT4 Algomojo Button Trading File.

  2. Unzip the Downloaded Folder: Extract the contents of the downloaded folder.

  3. Ready to launch : Now,you ready to launch.

Setting up MetaTrader Platform

  1. Open MetaTrader Platform: Launch the MT4 platform and go to the "File" menu.

  2. Open Data Folder: Select the "Open Data Folder" option.

  3. Access MQL4 Folder: Inside the opened data folder, navigate to the MQL4 folder and then open the Experts folder.

  4. Copy Files: Copy both files from the Algomojo Button Trading folder.

  5. Paste Files: Paste the copied files into the Experts folder.

  6. Refresh Platform: Return to the MT4 platform, right-click in the "Common" section, and select "Refresh".

Enabling Expert Advisors

  1. Enable Expert Advisors: Navigate to the "Tools" menu and select "Options".

  2. Select Expert Advisors: In the options window, navigate to the "Expert Advisors" tab, enable the two checkboxes, and press "OK".

Attaching Algomojo Button Trading Module

  1. Attach to Chart: Right-click on the Algomojo Button Trading Execution Module under "Expert Advisors" and select "Attach to a chart".

  2. Configure Module: In the expert window, select the "Inputs" option.

  3. Paste Webhook URL: Copy the strategy webhook URL from the Algomojo platform and paste it into the expert box.

  4. Save Configuration: Press the "Save" button twice, then the "Save As" window will open.

  5. Customize File Name: In the file name, remove the star from the dot set. Copy the strategy code and paste it before the dot set.

  6. Save and Confirm: Press the "Save" button and select "OK".

Using Algomojo Module

  1. Generate Buy Signal: Select the "Long Entry" button to generate the buy signal. Verify the signal in the "My Signals" section on the Algomojo platform.

  2. Generate Sell Signal: Select the "Long Exit" button to generate the sell signal.

  3. Confirmation: Verify the generated signals in the Algomojo platform.

This is the step-by-step guide to installing and using the Algomojo Module in MetaTrader.

This module provides access to button trading to transmits order from the click of the button from Metatrader. Buy and Sell buttons provided for the Entry and Exit the trades. Traders has to set the API key and API Secret key obtained from the algomojo My API section. Traders has to configure the parameter details properly.

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