Position Reconciliation

1. Initiating Live Trading in Algomojo

Position Reconciliation in Algomojo Live Trading is a critical step that allows users to seamlessly transition into live trading mode. This feature ensures synchronization between the user's trading signals in Algomojo and the broker's actual position.

2. Position Reconciliation Process

When users initiate live trading, the system performs an automatic check to compare the broker's position with that of Algomojo. In cases of disparity, a user-friendly popup dialog, illustrated in the image below, appears, delivering the message, "My signals positions and broker position do not match. Would you like to reconcile?"

3. Synchronizing Positions for Live Activation

To proceed with live trading activation, users respond with a "yes," directing them to the Position Reconciliation screen, shown in the image below.

Within this interface, users gain control over adjusting the quantity of positions in Algomojo to align precisely with the broker. Additionally, the screen provides an option to fine-tune Algomojo prices if necessary. Once adjustments are made, users simply click the "Update" button, initiating the synchronization process, as depicted in the image below.

This ensures that the quantity in Algomojo aligns with the broker's quantity, enabling a seamless and accurate live trading experience.

Upon clicking the "Update" button, users will be directed to a confirmation screen (refer to the image below). This screen indicates the successful synchronization of positions between Algomojo and the broker. Users are now ready to switch on live trading and continue their trading activities with confidence.

It's important to note that users cannot activate live trading until a successful reconciliation is achieved, emphasizing the significance of position alignment for a reliable trading environment.

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