MT4 Bridge

How to Install Algomojo Metatrader Bridge?

Follow these Tutorial video to Install Algomojo Metatrader Bridge:

Video Tutorial

Download Bridge here

MT4 Bridge Installation:

  1. Access Algomojo Help Documents: Navigate to the Algomojo Help documents and select the Bridge Segments. This will provide you with detailed instructions on installing the MT4 Bridge.

  2. Select Metatrader Bridge Installation Option: Within the help documents, choose the Metatrader Bridge Installation Option. This will guide you specifically on setting up the MT4 Bridge.

  3. Download the MT4 Bridge File: Download the MT4 Bridge File provided in the instructions. This file contains the necessary components to set up the bridge.

  4. Unzip the Downloaded Folder: Extract the contents of the downloaded folder. This will reveal the files required for the installation process.

  5. Open the MT4 Platform: Launch your MetaTrader 4 platform. This is where you'll be installing the bridge.

  6. Access Data Folder: In the MT4 platform, go to the "File" menu and select the "Open Data Folder" option. This will open the directory where MetaTrader stores its data.

  7. Navigate to MQL4 Folder: Within the opened data folder, locate the MQL4 folder. Inside the MQL4 folder, find and open the "libraries" folder.

  8. Copy DLL File: From the unzipped folder, find the DLL file provided for the bridge. Copy this DLL file and paste it into the libraries folder in the MQL4 directory.

  9. Copy MQH File: Still in the unzipped folder, locate the MQH file (header file). Copy this file.

  10. Paste MQH File: Navigate back to the MQL4 folder in the data directory. Inside the MQL4 folder, find and open the "include" folder. Paste the MQH file into this folder.

  11. Completion: With the DLL file in the libraries folder and the MQH file in the include folder, the Metatrader Bridge Installation is now completed.

By following these steps, you should have successfully installed the MT4 Bridge for Algomojo, enabling you to bridge MetaTrader with the Algomojo platform.

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