Tradingview Bridge Installation

Please follow these tutorial videos to learn about the TradingView strategy .

Video Tutorial

Please follow these tutorial videos to learn about the TradingView indicator.

Indicators in the Tradingview Platform

Please follow these tutorial videos to learn about the Indicators in the Tradingview Platform.

Video Tutorial

Tradingview Bridge

  1. Activate Live Trade or Paper Trade:

    • Before proceeding, ensure that Live Trade or Paper Trade is activated in the Algomojo platform.

  2. View the Strategy:

    • Open the Algomojo platform and view the strategy you want to connect with Tradingview.

  3. Copy Tradingview Custom Data:

    • Copy the Tradingview Custom Data associated with the selected strategy.

  4. Go to Tradingview Platform:

    • Open the Tradingview platform.

  5. Select the Symbol:

    • Choose the symbol for which you want to create a strategy and receive signals.

  6. Create a Strategy:

    • In Tradingview, create a strategy for the selected symbol.

  7. Add Alert to the Strategy:

    • Add an Alert to the created strategy.

  8. Enter Alert Name and Paste Custom Data:

    • Enter a name for the alert and paste the copied Tradingview Custom Data into the message box.

  9. Go to Notifications:

    • Navigate to the Notifications section in Tradingview.

  10. Paste Strategy Webhook URL:

    • Paste the Strategy Webhook URL from the Algomojo platform into the Notifications section on Tradingview.

  11. Select Create Button:

    • Click on the "Create" button to finalize the alert creation.

  12. After Creating the Alert:

    • Once the alert is created, signals will start generating automatically.

  13. Check My Signals on Algomojo:

    • Open the Algomojo platform and check the "My Signals" section to monitor the signals generated by the connected Tradingview strategy.

By following these steps, you should be able to integrate a Tradingview strategy with the Algomojo platform, allowing signals to be generated and tracked within Algomojo. Ensure that you follow any specific instructions provided by Algomojo and Tradingview during this process.

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