The "Group Summary" tab provides a consolidated view of the trading activities associated with a specific group of strategies, offering key metrics and information to evaluate the collective performance of the group.

Group Summary:

  • Strategy Name: The name of the strategy to which the summary entries belong, facilitating clarity and organization.

Individual Strategy Summary Entries within the Group:

  • Strategy Code: "Strategy Code" is a unique identifier assigned to each trading strategy within the group, helping to distinguish and reference individual strategies collectively.

  • Strategy Name: "Strategy Name" represents the name or label associated with each trading strategy within the group, providing context about its purpose and focus.

  • Total Buy Orders: "Total Buy Orders" indicates the cumulative number of buy orders placed as part of each strategy's execution within the group.

  • Total Sell Orders: "Total Sell Orders" represents the total count of sell orders initiated as part of each trading strategy within the group.

  • Realized P/L: The "Realized P/L" column within the group displays the profit or loss realized from completed trades within each strategy, showing the financial outcome of the trading activities of each individual strategy within the group.

  • MTM (Mark-to-Market): "MTM" calculates the mark-to-market value of the collective holdings within each strategy of the group, reflecting the current market value of the group's assets based on real-time pricing.

  • Holdings Total: "Holdings Total" represents the total value of the current asset holdings within each strategy of the group. It considers the quantity and current market price of the assets held by each individual strategy within the group.

  • Papertrade Flag (Blue Colour flag P) Summary: This flag indicates that the trading activity associated with this summary is based on paper trading group code .

  • Livetradeflag Summary: This summary is associated with live trading group code activity summary.

By utilizing the "Group Summary" tab, traders can efficiently assess the collective performance of a specific group of strategies. This consolidated view enhances the ability to evaluate the group's trading results, compare strategies within the group, and make informed decisions based on the combined performance metrics of individual strategies within the group.

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