Amibroker Bridge Installation

Follow these Tutorial video to setup algomojo Amibroker bridge

Step-1: Video Tutorial

How to Install Algomojo Amibroker Bridge?

How to use Algomojo Amibroker Bridge

Follow these Tutorial video to use algomojo Amibroker bridge

Step-2: Video Tutorial

Amibroker bridge

  1. Click Download button:

    • Open the downloaded file.

    • If a security warning appears, select "More info."

    • Press "Run anyway" to proceed with the installation.

  2. Algomojo Bridge Installation:

    • The Algomojo Bridge Installation window will appear.

    • Press the "Next" button to proceed with the installation.

  3. Navigate to Local Disk C:

    • Open File Explorer.

    • Select "This PC."

    • Navigate to the Local Disk C.

  4. Locate Finfolab Technologies Folder:

    • Look for the "Program Files" folder.

    • Within it, locate the "Finfolab Technologies" folder.

  5. Open Amibroker Folder:

    • Open the "Finfolab Technologies" folder.

    • Look for the "Amibroker" folder within it.

  6. Run AMAMBRIDGE as Administrator:

    • Open the "Amibroker" folder.

    • Find the "AMAMBRIDGE" file.

    • Right-click on "AMAMBRIDGE" and select the "Run as administrator" option.

  7. Create AMAMBRIDGE TLB File:

    • Running as an administrator, the AMAMBRIDGE TLB file will be created.

  8. Activate Live Trade or Paper Trade:

    • Before proceeding,Go to Algomojo and ensure that Live Trade or Paper Trade is activated in the Algomojo platform.

  9. View the Strategy:

    • Open the Algomojo platform and view the strategy you want to connect with Amibroker Platform

  10. Copy Amibroker Custom Data:

    • Copy the Amibroker Custom Data associated with the selected strategy.

  11. Select Amibroker Custom Data:

    • For every rule, separate custom code is provided.

    • Open Amibroker and create a blank chart.

    • Drag the strategy into the blank chart.

    • Right-click in the chart and select the "Edit formula" option.

    • Paste the custom code at the bottom of the Strategy formula and save it.

  12. Configure Webhook URL:

    • Go to the chart, Algostatus will be displayed.

    • Right-click in the chart and select "Parameters."

    • In Parameters, scroll down to "Algomojo Execution Controls."

    • Paste the Strategy Webhook URL from the Algomojo Platform.

    • Enable the Algomode and press OK.

  13. Verify Signals:

  • Signals will start generating automatically.

  • Check the "My Signals" section on the Algomojo Platform for verification.

These steps provide a general guide based on the information you provided. Make sure to follow any specific instructions provided by Algomojo or Amibroker during the installation and configuration process. If you encounter any issues or have specific questions, please let me know, and I'll assist you further.

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