The "Group Orders" tab serves as a centralized hub within "My Orders," offering a comprehensive overview of trading orders associated with a specific group of strategies. This feature streamlines the management of your trading activities by consolidating essential details related to group orders.

Group Orders:

  • Order ID: A unique identifier assigned to each trading order within the group, facilitating easy tracking and referencing.

  • Strategy Name: The name of the strategy to which the orders belong, providing clarity and organization.

  • Date: The date and time when the trading order was placed within the group.

  • Type: Specifies the type of order, whether it is a market order, limit order, stop order, or other order types available in the trading system.

  • Symbol: Indicates the trading symbol or asset associated with the order within the group.

  • Quantity: The quantity or volume of the asset specified in the order.

  • Price: The price level or range at which the order is placed within the group.

  • Status: Indicates the current status of the order, whether it's pending, executed, canceled, or has a different status.

  • Remarks: Additional notes or comments related to the order, providing context or explanations regarding specific conditions or instructions associated with the order within the group.

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