GSheet Bridge Installation

Follow these Tutorial video to setup algomojo GSheet bridge

Video Tutorial

How to Install Algomojo GSheet Bridge?

GSheet bridge

  1. Click the Download Button:

    • Download the file provided for GSheet Bridge Installation.

  2. Open Google Sheet:

    • Open Google Sheets.

  3. Make a Copy:

    • In the downloaded GSheet file, press the "Make a Copy" button. This will create a copy of the Google Sheet for your use.

  4. Go to Algomojo Broker Platform:

    • Access the Algomojo broker platform.

  5. Create a New Strategy:

    • Within the Algomojo broker platform, create a new strategy.

  6. Copy Webhook URL and Strategy Code:

    • After creating the strategy, copy the Webhook URL and Strategy Code associated with it.

  7. Paste Information in Google Sheet:

    • Return to the Google Sheet and paste the copied Webhook URL and Strategy Code.

  8. Activate Live Trade or Paper Trade:

    • Before selecting "Buy," ensure that you have activated either Live Trade or Paper Trade mode.

  9. Buy Authorization Required:

    • When selecting "Buy," a window for Buy Authorization Required will open. Press "OK."

  10. Sign in with Gmail ID:

    • Sign in with your Gmail ID.

  11. Allow Authorization:

    • Select "Allow" to authorize the Google Sheet to interact with the Algomojo broker platform.

  12. Execute Buy, Sell, Short, and Cover:

    • With Live Trade or Paper Trade activated, you can now use the Google Sheet to execute Buy, Sell, Short, and Cover orders.

  13. View Signals Placed Log:

    • Check the "My Signals" section on Algomojo to view the log of signals placed.

By following these steps, you should be able to set up and use the GSheet Bridge for trading on the Algomojo broker platform. Make sure to follow any specific instructions provided by Algomojo and refer to their documentation if needed.

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