Google Chrome Extension

Follow these Tutorial video to add and use the algomojo extension:

Video Tutorial

Click below the download button to add the Algomojo Google Chrome extension.

"In the image above, you can see the extension screen where you can quickly execute buy, sell, short, and cover orders."

Here are step-by-step instructions for placing an order using the extension screen:

  1. Enter Strategy Code:

    • In the "Strategy Code" input box, type or paste your trading strategy code. This code should contain the algorithmic instructions for when to execute buy, sell, short, or cover orders based on your specific trading strategy.

  2. Enter Webhook URL:

    • Input your Webhook URL into the "Webhook URL" input box. This URL is where the platform will send real-time data or notifications when specific events occur, such as order placements or strategy triggers. If you want the system to remember this information for future use, check the "Remember URL" box.

  3. Remember URL Option:

    • If you want the platform to save your strategy code and webhook URL for future use, check the "Remember URL" box. This allows you to avoid re-entering this information every time you use the platform.

  4. Choose Action:

    • Decide on the action you want to take: Buy, Sell, Short, or Cover. Click on the corresponding button based on the action you want to execute.

  5. Place Order:

    • After clicking the Buy, Sell, Short, or Cover button, the platform will execute the order based on the conditions specified in your strategy code. This action is performed quickly and automatically according to your algorithmic trading strategy.

Your strategy code and Webhook URL, optionally save them for future use, choose the specific action you want to take, and then execute the order. These steps provide a concise guide for utilizing the extension screen to automate your trading strategy on the AlgoMojo platform.

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