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The "Summary" tab provides a consolidated view of your trading activities, including key metrics and information to evaluate your trading strategy's performance.
  • Strategy Code: Strategy Code is a unique identifier assigned to your trading strategy, helping you distinguish and reference your strategies within the system.
  • Strategy Name: Strategy Name represents the name or label associated with your trading strategy, providing context about its purpose and focus.
  • Total Buy Orders: Total Buy Orders indicates the cumulative number of buy orders placed as part of your strategy's execution.
  • Total Sell Orders: Total Sell Orders represents the total count of sell orders initiated as part of your trading strategy.
  • Realized P/L: The Realized P/L column displays the profit or loss realized from completed trades within your strategy, showing the financial outcome of your trading activities.
  • MTM (Mark-to-Market): MTM calculates the mark-to-market value of your holdings, reflecting the current market value of your assets based on real-time pricing.
  • Holdings Total: Holdings Total represents the total value of your current asset holdings within the strategy, considering the quantity and current market price.
The "Summary" tab offers a comprehensive overview of your trading strategy's performance, enabling you to assess its effectiveness and results in a clear and organized manner.
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