Login with Flattrade

Follow these Tutorial video to log in :

Video Tutorial

Guiding Principles for how to get api key and api secret

  1. Click here to Start:

    To start click on this Flattrade developer portal link- https://wall.flattrade.in/login

  • Enter your credentials (username, password and totp) to log in.

  1. Create a New App:

Click the pi button as per given image below

  • After clicking in, navigate to the section titled "Create New API Key" and click the button to proceed, as shown in the image below.

  • Once logged in, navigate to the section where you can create a new Api Key.

  • Click on the option to create a new API KEY.

  1. Enter API Details:

Provide the required information such as the

  • app name ( Enter app name as Algomojo)

  • Redirect URL: Please paste the given redirect URL on the API's "Enter Details" page along with any other necessary information as shown in the image below.

Redirect URL:

  • Ensure accuracy and completeness of the information entered to avoid issues later on.


  • After entering all the necessary details, click the "Create" button to create the new API key and API secret successfully.

6 .Copy API key and API Secret

Copy the API key as shown in Figure 1.5 below, and click the eye button to copy the secret key per Figure 1.6 given below.

7.To start algomojo click on this link-


To initiate Algomojo, click on the above link. Upon redirection, you will be directed to the Algomojo new user portal.

8.New user

After opening the new user tab, utilize the copied API details acquired during the process of obtaining your Flattrade portal credentials. Subsequently, use these credentials to log in to Algomojo. Ensure accurate updating of the information

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