Login with Upstox

Follow these Tutorial video to log in :

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Open An Account with Upstox

Follow these Tutorial video to open an account :

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Guiding Principles for how to get Api Key and Secret

  1. Click here to Start:

    To start, click on this UpstoxDeveloper Portal link:

  2. Login to Developer Portal:

    šŸ‘‰- Go to the developer portal website as per the image above. šŸ‘‰- Enter your credentials (Mobile no and then enter the otp ) to log in.

  3. Create a New App: Click the create new app button as per given image below

    šŸ‘‰- Once logged in, navigate to the section where you can create a new application. šŸ‘‰- Click on the option to create a new app.

  4. Enter App Details:

Provide the required information such as the

  • app name ( Enter app name as Algomojo)

  • Ensure accuracy and completeness of the information entered to avoid issues later on.

  • Redirect URL: Please paste the given redirect URL on the APP's "Enter Details" page along with any other necessary information as shown in the image below.

5.Save App Details:

  • After entering all the necessary details,continue the changes to create the new application successfully.

6.Copy api key and application id:

šŸ‘‰-Click the arrow button to copy the api key and secret

šŸ‘‰- Copy the api key and secret key as per image given below

7.To start algomojo click on this link-

To initiate Algomojo, click on the above link. Upon redirection, you will be directed to the Algomojo new user portal.

8.New user

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