Amibroker Exploration(New)

Utilize Amibroker’ s Exploration features to execute orders through the Algomojo platform. It is recommended to employ the Exploration method when implementing Intraday or positional strategies. If you have a strategy involving more than 10 symbols that you wish to trade, follow the provided steps to automatically place orders using Algomojo Exploration feature.

Step 1 – Amibroker Setup.

  • Download the 4 Exploration Modules from the Modules -> Exploration and save them in a separate folder under the Formulas folder of Amibroker.

  • According to your strategy, drag and drop one of the following exploration modules onto the strategy you intend to use for exploration.

1. Long only Exploration Module

  • Algomojo Long only Exploration Module - If your Strategy is Long Only


2. Short Only Exploration Module

  • Algomojo Short Only Exploration Module - If your Strategy is Short Only


3. Long + Short Only Exploration

  • Algomojo Long + Short Only Exploration Module - If your Strategy provides BUY/SELL/SHORT/COVER signals.


4. Stop + Reversal Exploration Module

  • Algomojo Stop + Reversal Exploration Module - If your Strategy is always Long/Short.


  • Save the file and send it to Analysis.

  • Ensure that the Symbols that you need to trade are saved in a separate Watchlist in Amibroker.

  • Select the Watchlist which contains the Symbols in the Filter section.

Step 2 – Algomojo Setup.

Procedure to CREATE NEW STRATEGY FOR TRADING IN FUTURES / EQUITIES SEGEMENT: Select a New Strategy from the right top corner. Give a unique Name for the strategy. Select the relevant Rule as applicable to your strategy in Amibroker (Refer to Modules section in the documentation for complete details on various Rules):

  • Long Only Module - If your Strategy is Long Only

  • Short Only Module - If your Strategy is Short Only

  • Long + Short Module - If your Strategy provides BUY/SELL/SHORT/COVER signals.

  • Stop + Reversal Module - If your Strategy is always Long / Short.

Select the Segment – Equity / Futures. Select the Trading Symbol – Type the symbol name and choose from the drop down the symbol that you wish to trade.

Select the Order Type – CNC / MIS / NRML. Select the Price Type – Only Market Orders are supported as of now.Select Number of Lots / Quantity to trade.

Select Split Qty if the Qty is greater than Freeze Qty. Select Rollover – Futures will be Rolled over on the last day of the expiry at 15:15 pm. Provide Chart Symbol – optional, any name can be provided for reference. End Time – Optional, you can set the End Time if required. End time on Expiry – Specify the Time to Auto Roll over on expiry Day. Remarks – Optional, you can update with any text. SUBMIT the details updated. Copy the Long URL for use in Amibroker. Use the Back button to go back to My Strategies section where you will find the Strategy that you just created.

Procedure Enable the Strategy created. The strategy created using above procedure will be INACTIVE by default. Enable the Live / Paper Trades by clicking on the relevant button provided.

Procedure create Watchlist for Exploration for the Strategy created.

Select the Watchlist from the Actions Tab, which will open a new window.

  • Add all the Symbols that you would using for Exploration in Amibroker.

  • The Chart Symbol should be the same as what is provided as Symbol by your Amibroker Data Vendor, else the orders will not be processed.

  • Trading Symbol – select from the drop down by typing the few letters of the intended symbol.

  • Indicate the Number of Lots / Quantity that you plan to Trade and then use the ADD button.

  • Repeat the process till all the symbols are added.

  • Use the Back tab to go back to the My Strategies screen.

In Amibroker use the relevant Module (refer to Modules->Exploration section for more details) and in the Parameters section, paste the Webhook URL and enable Algo for activating algo trading.

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