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Updating Account Information[EMAIL-ID & MOBILE NO]:

  • Updating your account information is essential to keep your details accurate and up-to-date.

  • This process typically involves modifying your email ID or mobile number.

  • By clicking the update button, users can conveniently make these changes.

Account ID:

  • Your unique identifier within the system, often assigned during registration or account creation. It serves as a reference point for accessing and managing your account.

DP Name:

  • "DP NAME" refers to the name of a depository participant (DP) in the context of financial markets. A depository participant is an agent of the depository through which it interacts with the investor and provides depository services.


  • In the context of stock exchanges, "segments" refer to the divisions within the exchange where different types of securities or financial instruments are traded. For example, there may be separate segments for equities, derivatives, commodities, currency futures, etc. These segments allow for efficient organization and trading of various financial products within the exchange.


  • MIS (Margin Intraday Square-off): This is a trading product that allows traders to buy or sell securities with a portion of the total trade value as margin. It is specifically designed for intraday trading, meaning all positions opened under MIS must be squared off (closed) before the end of the trading day.

  • NRML (Normal): NRML is a product used in trading futures and options contracts. It allows traders to hold positions overnight, unlike MIS which is strictly for intraday trading. Traders using NRML are required to maintain the prescribed margin and have the flexibility to hold positions until the expiry of the contract.

  • BO (Bracket Order): This is an advanced order type used by traders to simultaneously place a market order, a stop-loss order, and a target order. The stop-loss and target orders are placed at predetermined levels relative to the market price. If the market price reaches either of these levels, the corresponding order is triggered automatically, helping traders manage risk and profits.

  • CO (Cover Order): CO is another advanced order type that combines a market order with a compulsory stop-loss order. When placing a cover order, traders specify the desired entry price, and a stop-loss order is automatically placed at a predetermined distance from the entry price. This ensures that traders have a predefined risk level for their trades.

  • CNC (Cash and Carry): CNC is a product used for delivery-based equity trading. When traders use CNC, they buy or sell stocks with the intention of taking or giving delivery of the shares. This product is used for investing or trading in the cash segment of the stock market, as opposed to trading on margin or using derivatives.

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